Mushroom® Packaging CD case
Biodegradable packaging
Mycelium Cd case

Magical Mushroom Company® makes a new case for Mushroom® Packaging 

Magical Mushroom Company® grows unique packaging for CD cases grown from mycelium that is biodigestible but lasts more than 30 years, catching the attention of the BBC.Green music  

Ben Corrigan is an electronic musician based in the UK who has been working in the music industry for many years.  His first solo project is an album called Grandad.  Ben wanted to release this music in a physical format, specifically a CD, but with the lowest possible environmental impact.  

Polymer cases out of tune 

Nothing can be done about the CDs themselves at the moment, so Ben looked at green packaging instead but he could not source a biodegradable CD case. 

Compact disc cases for both CDs are made of polystyrene, a plastic polymer that is both non-biodegradable and toxic if burned.  

Digipaks, made from cardboard, are something of an improvement on this, much easier to recycle.  But Ben wanted to use something more in tune with the planet than tree pulp.  

He found a like-minded pioneer in Magical Mushroom Company® and another new application for Mushroom Packaging®, which is made from mycelium and goes back to earth in 40 days.  

What is Mushroom Packaging®? 

First, the enthusiastic production team and designer Ryan worked together with Ben to reimagine the CD case using CAD and 3D printing. 

Once the prototype was approved, the Mushroom Packaging® was made by combining local agricultural by-product with mycelium in the Attenborough plant. The mycelium binds the agricultural waste together, so it can be made into durable protective packaging. After a mere six days of growing and then drying, the end product is ready. 

What is the lifespan? 

MMC has created a first-of-its-kind CD case that is completely compostable. Music fans can dispose of the CD cases in a compost heap, garden or even in a plant pot - so in the long-term it’s one less plastic relic of humanity to pollute the planet. 

In the medium term, the 30+ year lifespan of MMC’s materials means a listener can add this unique CD to their collection for posterity. 

Responses to the CD case have been extremely positive. BBC 6 Music picked up on the innovative eco design: the packaging was featured on the Mary Anne Hobbs show in March 2023.  

And hopefully this is just the start as other music artists realise greener packaging for a greener planet is possible.  

"A completely biodegradable CD case is a big step forward. "

"A completely biodegradable CD case is a big step forward. We have created a first-of-its-kind CD case that is not only environmentally friendly - it looks great too."

Musician Ben Corrigan