Ark uses eco-friendly mushroom packaging

ARK Skincare create sustainable range of gift boxes with Mushroom® Packaging

Gift box in sustainable packaging

ARK Skincare is proud to be an award-winning, British skincare brand using bioactive natural ingredients, containing highly effective antioxidants, lipids and vitamins.  The formulations are vegan, cruelty-free and products are made in Britain to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Cello-wrapping products has been eliminated, the use of plastic in shipping boxes has been stopped and there has been a move to glass components wherever possible.  

The Problem

A lot of packaging used in the beauty industry relies on plastics to house efficacious formulations as well as plastics to ensure their safe transportation.  

ARK wanted to ensure its packaging lives up to the high expectations expected of its customers but realised that more needed to be done to improve the sustainability of its gift sets. 

The Solution

Partnering with the Magical Mushroom Company® enabled ARK Skincare to improve its green credentials using an innovative sustainable packaging alternative to fossil-fuel based plastics.  

The packaging has been grown in a mix of natural upcycled bio waste and mycelium (the vegetative tissue of mushrooms), so it is fully biodegradable and breaks down in soil after just 40 days. It also breaks down in water in just 180 days meaning it has the long-term potential to significantly reduce the level of plastic waste in our oceans.  

There is no need to throw the gift box packaging away, one can instead use it to create a mini garden using the wildflower seeds and instructions which are included in every set. 

The Results

ARK Skincare has realised its sustainability goals by allowing gift sets to be packaged securely in material that is strong and light enough for easy transportation without adding further to the environmental crisis we face. 

Customers are choosing to purchase from companies that can demonstrate they are working to find sustainable solutions.  

The popularity of the new gift sets, which are fully biodegradable, shows that demand exists and that all companies should be moving towards these new innovative sustainable options.  

It is our partnership with Magical Mushroom Company®, which is the most exciting

Whilst we are constantly taking every small step we can towards improved sustainability, it is our partnership with Magical Mushroom Company®, which is the most exciting. This amazing, innovative company is leading the way in biodegradable packaging and we are thrilled to be working with them.

Tasmin Styles, Ark Skincare