Evolve Beauty uses eco-friendly mushroom packaging

New homegrown Christmas Collection by Evolve uses homegrown fungal packaging 

Mushroom-based packaging

British organic skin, hair and body care range Evolve Beauty launches a Christmas collection that includes custom-designed biodegradable Mushroom® Packaging by Magical Mushroom Company®.


Laura Rudoe set up award-winning Good Ventures in 2008, an ethical development company to create new organic beauty brands. 

One of them, Evolve Beauty makes handcrafted, next-generation beauty solutions for skin, body and hair, using the purest and most effective natural superfoods, produced in small batches in Hertfordshire, England. 

Evolve’s mission is to make products that are healthier, greener and kinder to people and the planet and help to push the boundaries of what is possible in this area to help the beauty industry sustainably evolve.  


Evolve already uses sustainably sourced packaging but is always looking into ways that it can improve its circularity and become an even more eco-friendly brand. Its ultimate goal is to be regenerative


Evolve heard about Mushroom® Packaging and was interested in its potential as an alternative source of packaging instead of fossil fuel-based plastics such as polystyrene.   

The organic beauty brand decided to house two different boxes from its Christmas collection using bespoke Mushroom® Packaging by Magical Mushroom Company®.  


The beautiful eco-friendly material is strong yet lightweight to protect Evolve’s range of recycled glass beauty products - the hydrophobic qualities of mycelium repel water to keep products dry.  

Evolve has now met one of the goals of its sustainability report by reducing packaging and waste and its customers say they like the fact that they can compost the packaging easily. 

packaging that doesn't impact the environment

As a sustainably focused brand, having packaging continuing grown for us that doesn't impact the environment and is easily compostable was great.

Jessica Bush, Head of PR