Oio Lab in Mushroom® Packaging
Gift set in Mushroom® Packaging

Oio Lab choose Mushroom® Packaging for gift sets

Oio Lab gift set in Mushroom Packaging

Oio Lab skincare products are the result of a unique connection between plant extracts and active ingredients which offer clinically proven results. 

At Oio Lab every detail counts. We have an unmet level of curiosity and a deep respect to planet Earth. Oio Lab connects traditional wisdom with scientific research to unlock the essence of plants. We believe that the condition of your skin links to your inner, emotional world so we complement our effective formulas with the power of beauty rituals. 

The Problem

We are a company that is interested in technological innovations and ecological solutions. We were looking for packaging that would reduce the consumption of other packaging materials and would be environmentally friendly. 

The Solution

We used mushroom packaging to pack cosmetics. One is a  Soothing Facial Beauty Balm in a jar, the other is a set of two cosmetics in bottles. Despite the initial difficulties, we managed to obtain high-quality packaging. 

The Results

We have launched the products mentioned in the previous point.We received positive feedback as a company that cares about the environment. The packaging is innovative on the Polish market and has met with the interest of customers. 

The innovation is fully compostable packaging made of mushrooms

Glow admiration: The duo of the brand's iconic products is a complete, two-step skincare that allows you to enjoy perfectly moisturised and calmed skin. Oio Lab takes another step, or rather a leap into the future. However, this time not only the skincare formulations make a great "wow". The innovation is fully compostable packaging made of mushrooms that disappear from the face of the earth after 40 days. This is a good reason to look at the brand's novelties with even greater appreciation.

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