Mixmy candles in mycelium packaging

MIXMY selects biodegradable Mushroom® Packaging for its candle refills

Mixmy candle

MIXMY is a British home fragrance brand founded by Vicky Bellerby.


While MIXMY’s bespoke glass is completely recyclable, refilling is the most sustainable option. It limits energy use and raw materials used to make from new every time.


So MIXMY offers a range of Primary Candle Refills so glasses can be reused time and time again.

Targeting sustainability

MIXMY is one of a handful of scented candle brands offering refills but the choice of packaging suitable to house and transport wax refills is still very limited, particularly if you wish to stay clear of packaging that has a negative impact on the environment.

The company required some way of protecting and supporting its soft wax candle refills. Due to the delicate nature of the wax, MIXMY needed something that would mould to the shape of the curved refill, so it wouldn’t mark and damage the delicate wax.

As a brand that values sustainable practices, internally laminated coffee cup-style candle refill packaging, and plastic and other non-sustainable moulded inserts were not an eco-friendly option.

Why Mushroom® Packaging?

Only Magical Mushroom Company® offered a mycelium packaging solution that grew a refill holder to the exact shape of MIXMY refills.

Working with Magical Mushroom Company®’s design team, a prototype of the packaging was produced without delay. Next, 3D printed soft-tooling and tray moulds were made.

Following hard tooling and stringent stress and impact testing, the Mushroom® Packaging was grown just in a matter of days in the MMC’s Esher plant.

Mushroom® Packaging is made by binding mycelium with agricultural waste to create a safe, sustainable, strong and compostable alternative to plastics.

Once its work as a candle refill holder is done, the Mushroom® Packaging can be broken up and composted. It decomposes in just 45 days, keeping all its carbon safely locked away, whilst adding nutrients to the soil.

An eco-friendly biodegradable solution

The results are a unique, completely biodegradable candle refill holder that protects and supports the soft wax plug in the retail carton.

Because Magical Mushroom Company® has been able to design and grow a bespoke holder to fit the refill plug exactly means that it cups the curved refill and helps retain the shape of the soft wax too.

It also helps protect the retail carton from absorbing any of the fragrance oils that have been carefully blended with the natural vegetable wax.

MIXMY hopes to shine a light on Mushroom® Packaging

As the first scented candle brand in the UK to use mycelium packaging to package candle refills, MIXMY hopes to shine a light on Mushroom® Packaging to inspire other such brands to move towards using more sustainable packaging solutions in support of the environment.

Vicky Bellerby, Mixmy Founder