Milkman in Mushroom® Packaging

Milkman store leads the way for sustainability in homewares market

Candle in Mushroom® Packaging

Up-and-coming homewares brand, Milkman Store launches its latest range of candles with custom-designed biodegradable Mushroom® Packaging by Magical Mushroom Company®. 
Milkman Store is a homewares and lifestyle brand, founded by Alex Baker and Benjy Johnstone, based in Bristol.   

The new company is offering a range of accessible, conscious homeware products.  

The Problem

Milkman already uses sleeves that are FSC certified and made from fully recyclable materials. The company also uses an olive oil wax blend that is fully biodegradable and vegan, and does not contain any genetically modified, palm or paraffin products.  

It strives to support local and independent businesses to minimise emissions. 

However, Milkman struggled to find packaging that really stood out. The company felt everything on the market currently is uniform and wanted to do something innovative to express its creativity and drive for sustainability. Milkman hadn’t encountered anything that completely complemented that mission until it found Magical Mushroom Company®

The Solution

Working with Magical Mushroom Company®, Milkman was able to create a bespoke packaging design that both aligns with its brand aesthetically and does not damage the planet like fossil-fuel based plastic packaging such as polystyrene. 


In its Esher plant, the MMC team grew bespoke Mushroom® Packaging using mycelium and recycled hemp for Milkman Store.

The Results

The packaging protects Milkman’s new range of candles for safe passage to customers. 

The tough sustainable packaging material breaks down at home in your compost bin or flower bed within 40 days and provides nutrients to the soil. 

Milkman Store has curated a unique product that sets it apart from its competitors and is planet friendly with the help of strong protective packaging made by Magical Mushroom Company®. 

We worked with Ryan Little MMC’s incredible in-house designer

At every step taken when developing products at Milkman Store, we have always considered our environmental impact both in-house, and when working with suppliers.  

‘When we came across Magical Mushroom Company® we knew that they were the right people to support us on our journey to sustainability with its innovative packaging design.  

‘We were offered the chance to work with Ryan Little, its incredible in-house designer, to custom create packaging for our products that both looks great and has minimal environmental impact

Founder Benjy Johnstone