About Us

Launched in 2019, the Magical Mushroom Company®  has grown from startup to a scaling business producing millions of pieces of packaging for a huge range of companies across Europe. 

From the beginning, we’ve been determined to bring high-volume production capability to sustainable materials. It’s only by delivering at volume that we can help rid the world of plastic pollution. Starting with our factory in Esher, adding our Attenborough facility in 2021 and with Sofia and Beeston added in 2022, we have the capacity to deliver on the packaging needs of the biggest enterprises. Our work is about making a case for modernity and industry. And the only way to do that is to call an end to unnecessary waste and pollution. 

We set this company up to make the ideal of sustainable material real. Having a viable alternative to polymers in theory is one thing. Bringing it to market at scale is another. Which is why we believe our technology is only 10% of the answer. The other 90% is in the rigour of process and production, which upholds the quality and cost-effectiveness from prototyping to our bespoke tooling.

The company operates under a royalty-free, open-source licence, ensuring permanent freedom to operate within the UK and EU.

Our Mushroom® Packaging is a practical and viable alternative to polluting polymers. And because our people are all focussed on delivering at scale for our clients, the aim of removing plastics from the supply chain is more achievable than ever.