Our design team provides a full bespoke service

To scale bespoke Mushroom ®Packaging, highly skilled tooling capability is key.

The prototyping process starts with a collaborative design session, where we take the time to understand the exact requirements for your packaging.

Working together, we engineer solutions that protect your products perfectly.

We offer a rapid in-house prototyping and product-testing capability to drive a high-performance quality-assured solution.

And, once your Mushroom® Packaging is growing inside our environmentally controlled production plants, it can take as little as 7 days for your packaging to be created.

Phase 1 - design

1. Establish your design requirements

2. MMC receive product samples or step file

3. Kick off with payment of bespoke design

PHASE 2 - 3D Print Soft Tool

1. Rapid prototype of your approved design

2. 3D Printed tooling and tray mould produced

3. Production date timings agreed with you

PHASE 3 - Prototyping 

1. Mushroom® Packaging part grown in 7 days

2. Quality checked according to your specification

3. Prototype dispatched to you with tracking number

PHASE 4 - Testing

1. Your packaging will be tested for size and fit

2. Your packaging will approved for look and feel 

3. Your packaging can be tested to mimic transportation conditions

PHASE 5 - Tooling

1. Approved designs from your prototype signed off

2. Hard tool signed off and manufactured

3. Multiple growing moulds can be made from this tool

PHASE 6 - Production

1. Depending on your required lead time, trays manufactured

2. Your trays filled, grown, popped and dried weekly to timescales

3. Your parts will be grown in one of our UK or European plants 

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