February 2023

Magical Mushroom Company® is proud to announce that we have achieved the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. This internationally recognised standard ensures we meet our client's needs through an effective quality management system and are the world's first and only Mushroom® Packaging company to achieve accreditation.

We are proud of our long-standing relationships with many key clients such as  Diageo, Seedlip, Raymarine, BA Components, Flex, Chromavis, Ffern, Tom Dixon, Candle Shack, Maison Sybarite and many others; who quite rightly expect the products they buy from us to have the same consistent quality standards, each time they order.

We are delighted our relationship with Ecovative Design LLC continues to flourish. As their exclusive licensee, we have plans to further grow our footprint in the European Union, with factories planned in the Czech Republic, France and Germany to accompany our state-of-the-art factory in Sofia, which has just begun operations and can manufacture over 8m pieces of Mushroom® Packaging annually.

Paul Gilligan, CEO: 

"I'm delighted for MMC, the whole team and our growing customer base for this achievement. This critical milestone further illustrates our ambitious scaling plans and, most of all, our focus on excellence and demonstrates providing our customers with the highest level of quality and service possible.

It's a credit to Rob Allen, who joined MMC as Chief Operating Officer from McLaren Applied in 2021 and has led MMC's growing team around the setting up the comprehensive QMS processes and auditing framework; which allowed us to quickly embed and move towards achieving the ISO Certification.

We are also committed to further investing in the process and efficiencies to continue to penetrate the polystyrene packaging market. We look forward to demonstrating to more clients that MMC is ready to supply Mushroom® Packaging solutions at the highest quality and service and comparable prices to EPS.”

Rob Allen, COO:

"Achieving ISO 9001 so early for MMC is a very proud moment, and it's great to see how the team have evolved as the quality system has been standardised within MMC. Throughout the accreditation process, we have developed and implemented a robust quality management system, enabling us to maintain a high level of quality in everything we do.

Building a solid foundation for success has been a critical part of MMCs strategic plan, and achieving accreditation further proves that we are set up for scale. Through continuous improvement, we are all about increasing efficiency and, most importantly, a drive for customer satisfaction."