FIKA acoustic tiles made from mushroom packaging
Mycelium wall tiles by Magical Mushroom Company

AllSfär is a brand with a clear mission: to supply architects, interior designers, and office fit-out companies with thoughtful, sustainable acoustic products which help people feel happier, calmer, and more comfortable in commercial environments.

AllSfär has a mission to reduce the negative impact their products have on the environment and is always looking for innovative, creative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

Partnering with MMC, an industry leader, to develop FIKA, a new product which is made from organic, natural materials grown and then manufactured in the UK, was the obvious thing to do.

AllSfär’s strong sustainable credentials are further enhanced by this new offer, which is 100% biodegradable and completely safe for use across all commercial settings.

Morgan Doouss, AllSfär founder, says, “Operating sustainably is important to us, our customers, and their clients. Continuous innovation to reduce our dependence on plastic is at the heart of our organisational purpose, and FIKA is a great example of taking naturally occurring materials to create something beautiful and functional.”

The Problem

AllSfär are always looking for new, more sustainable materials for our acoustic products, which will contribute to reducing the overall waste created by the construction sector.

AllSfär clients were increasingly asking for sustainable acoustic products, and whilst all our products are made from 60% post-consumer waste, it was important to us to research and develop more sustainable options for our products.


The Solution

Mycelium is a great alternative acoustic material, and it was important to us that we work with a UK company to develop our ideas for acoustic tiles.

MMC is the ideal partner for AllSfär; being UK-based, flexible, and leaders in mushroom packaging, we were able to work together collaboratively to prototype designs and create our FIKA range of acoustic wall tiles.

The Results

AllSfär launched FIKA during Clerkenwell Design Week at our new showroom to rapturous feedback. The company was blown away by how many interior designers and architects were enthused by FIKA, saying it was a real game changer and offering a true alternative to current materials.

FIKA also captured the attention of festival organisers and was featured as part of the Sustainability Trail, as well as being featured in several trade magazines, including Mix Interiors and Dezeen.

MMC is the ideal partner for AllSfär, we worked collaboratively to prototype designs and create our FIKA range of acoustic wall tiles.