Mother Mycelium T-Shirt in Mushroom Packaging

Semaine and Magical Mushroom Company® fit mycologist Paul Stamets to a T

Mycelium packaging

How Semaine collobarated with Magical Mushroom Company® to provide Mushroom® Packaging for a T-shirt celebrating mycologist Paul Stamets’ groundbreaking work. 


Semaine is a shoppable media platform based in Paris. The interactive digital universe generates award-winning content and curates hand-selected lifestyle products.  Recently Semaine been launching product collaborations with the Tastemakers, one of which is legendary mycologist Paul Stamets and the 'Mother Mycelium T-Shirt’. Other Tastemakers include actors, models, fashion designers, environmentalists, world-class chefs, artists and beyond.  

 The company limits its impact on the environment by encouraging the longevity of products and working with brands and suppliers that are committed to treading more responsibly on the planet.  


Semaine has had a strong interest in mycology and has also built a strong relationship with expert Paul Stamets.  

Paul Stamets, speaker, author, mycologist, medical researcher and entrepreneur, is considered an intellectual and industry leader in fungi: its habitat, medicinal use, and production. 

Semaine created a gift set featuring the mycologist’s 12 favourite mushrooms and the complementary ‘Mother Mycelium Handbook’, an educational newspaper created with Paul that covers the importance of mycology today, mycromediation and a dictionary of mushrooms.  

The T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton with respect for both the planet and people, made ethically and sustainably. Newspaper is printed as sustainably as possible with eco-friendly ink. 

The company asked: How can we best package Paul’s Stamet’s T-Shirt and  Mother Mycelium Handbook. 

Semaine’s challenge was to find sustainable packaging using Paul’s favourite fungi. 


Only one company could offer a mycological solution to Semaine’s problem. 

Semaine partnered up with Magical Mushroom Company®, the UK’s first-ever production plant manufacturing mycelium-based packaging. 

Waste hemp shivs were bound together by, you’ve guessed it, mycelium. MMC’S patented biofabrication process binds mycelium with local agricultural byproducts to produce sustainable, eco-friendly packaging that is 100% home-compostable.    


Semaine realized its sustainability goals. Each T-shirt comes packed in mycelium packaging carefully grown over seven days in Esher, Surrey. 

The packaging is biodegradable returning to earth in 40 days. 

Fifteen per cent of the proceeds of each T-shirt will go to Paul’s cutting edge and crucial research. 

"It is, in our opinion, the future"

"It is extremely important to us to create products that are fun but also educational, useful and most importantly sustainable, which the Magical Mushroom Company® embodies. Using its packaging not only makes sense because it showcases what mushrooms are capable of but also because it is an incredibly sustainable solution. It is, in our opinion, the future."

Joséphine Schulte, Head of Products at Semaine