Raymarine DockSense in sustainable packaging

The world's first marine navigation company to use Mushroom® Packaging

Precision technology protected by mycelium packaging

Founded in 1923, Raymarine is a manufacturer and major supplier of electronic equipment for marine use. Currently headquartered in Fareham, England, the company targets both recreational and light commercial markets with their industry-leading products. 

The Problem

Docking a boat can be challenging, even for the most experienced captains, so Raymarine designed and developed DockSense™ Control. The docking system is the recreational marine industry's first object recognition and motion-sensing assisted solution. 

Raymarine has introduced a policy of removing plastic foams in packaging for new product launches so worked to find a sustainable replacement. Polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) accounts for 90% of all marine debris and is used to ensure products are protected when delivered to customers. 

However, Raymarine wanted to use sustainable packaging to protect the cutting-edge technology DockSense™ Control cameras and reduce its use of plastics.  

 The packaging had to be as tough as the reliable and rugged equipment it houses but the alternatives such as cardboard were not strong enough. 

The Solution

Raymarine found a like-minded business partner in Magical Mushroom Company®, creators of the UK’s first-ever plant manufacturing mycelium-based packaging. MMC shared Raymarine’s very highest standards and values.  

MMC soon created bespoke Mushroom® Packaging to fit DockSense™ Control - this sustainable form of packaging is as advanced as the state-of-the-art electronic systems it protects.   

Recycled agricultural waste such as hemp is combined with mycelium, the branching root-like structure of mushrooms. The recycled waste binds with the mycelium in just days to form strong protective packaging for the high-tech navigation equipment. 

The Results

The Mushroom® Packaging made especially for Raymarine DockSense™ Control performed successfully in various drop, impact and stress tests leaving the docking camera in perfect condition.  

DockSense™ Control is now supplied in sustainable and ethically produced packaging that is completely home. Mycelium simply breaks down without a trace and the packaging returns to the earth in 40 days.  

Mycelium packaging allows Raymarine to steer away from plastics, reduce pollution and look after the oceans as well as its products. 

 we’re reducing our reliance on fossil fuel-based foams 

"Our relationship with the ocean made working with Magical Mushroom Company a natural fit. We’re delighted that Mushroom® Packaging shields our products so well and that we’re reducing our reliance on fossil fuel-based foams."

Andrea Csati, Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Raymarine