Coffee jar in Mushroom ®Packaging

Red Bank Coffee Roasters stops damaging goods and the environment using mycelium 

Red Bank coffee in Mushroom ®Packaging

Green credentials 

Red Bank was founded by Tom Prestwich in the Lake District in 2015. It roasts a carefully curated selection of exceptional quality, highly traceable, and responsibly sourced coffees.  

As a certified B Corporation, Red Bank is part of a global movement that supports sustainable supply chains and minimizes impact on people and the planet. It wanted a business partner that reflected those core values. 

Improving performance

Red Bank spent a lot of time and effort developing a beautiful glass jar for some of its rare coffees.  

Unfortunately, a number of the jars got smashed in transit, and the readily available packaging solutions were either prohibitively expensive, unsustainable, or undermined the premium look and feel of the jars themselves. 

Red Bank Coffee Roasters then turned to Mushroom® Packaging to protect its jars and company values.  


Why mushroom packaging?

MMC gets upcycled waste to work with mycelium, providing an alternative to fossil fuel-produced polymers at scale, in any size or shape from its four facilities across Europe. 

The packaging was rigorously tested for technical performance at the UK’s largest Mushroom® Packaging facility: Mushroom 2 in Attenborough. It was vibration, edge-crush and drop-tested to the highest standards. 

 Magical Mushroom Company®  offered a solution that looks good, has minimum impact on the planet, and was available at the order quantities, lead time and price point.   

Plastic free protection

No more damaged jars: the resulting biodigestable solution keeps the jars intact in transit.  

Red Bank found high-performance cost-competitive packaging that has no need for extracting fossil fuels or trees.  

Customers love the look and feel of the mycelium as the company continues its sustainability goals from crop to cup - and MMC is very very proud to help Red Bank become more circular, green and efficient. 

we are delighted

As a company, our core values are quality, traceability and sustainability, and we are delighted to have found a packaging solution that satisfies all of these criteria"

Founder, Tom Prestwich