Food hamper in mushroom-based packaging

Sustainability, Seasonality & Provenance: The ethos behind Thackray Brown meant mycelium packaging is the answer

Hamper in compostable packaging

Thackray Brown is a modern British hamper company founded by Tori Williams based on sustainable, seasonal practices with a focus on provenance.

 All of its produce comes from small, independent British artisans, carefully selected for quality and craft.

The Problem

Hampers have been traditionally presented in wicker baskets imported from the Far East, many of which are destined for landfill. As a modern hamper company with modern values, this wasteful, carbon-heavy practice was not suitable.

Thackray Brown saw a contradiction in presenting a product celebrating the provenance of British fine foods, while using imported packaging. It needed sustainable packaging that was made in the UK.

The Solution

Thackray Brown reached out to Magical Mushroom Company® to help it on a mission to become the first net zero hamper company.

MMC was able to bring Tori’s vision to life with beautiful packaging that sets Thackray Brown apart from its competitors.

Climate-friendly Mushroom Packaging® made of upcycled hemp and mycelium was grown in just days at Magical Mushroom Company®’s Esher plant to create compostable hampers for Thackray Brown.

The mycelium packaging is fully biodegradable and breaks down in soil after just 40 days.

The Results

Thackray Brown pioneer climate-positive hampers, presented in mycelium, designed for eco-conscious food lovers looking for thoughtful, show-stopping gifts.

Fine foods are secured in Mushroom Packaging® that is strong and light enough for easy transportation without adding further to the environmental crisis we face.

 Its uniqueness has helped Thackray Brown get featured in the press multiple times within three months of launching.

 Thackray Brown can now showcase British produce using an innovative sustainable packaging alternative to fossil-fuel based plastics that is also made in Britain.

Healthy sales of the hampers reveal strong demand from consumers wanting retailers that use eco-positive packaging.

Finding the Magical Mushroom Company® was a game-changer for us - ticking all of our boxes

Finding the Magical Mushroom Company® was a game-changer for us - ticking all of our boxes

Our customers love the mycelium packaging as much as the contents. The uniqueness and eco-friendly nature of the compostable hamper captures their imagination and is mentioned in many of our 5-star reviews. This product truly is magical"

Founder, Tori Williams