Spaddles in Mushroom® Packaging

Ice green! Spaddles and MMC harness the strength of mycelium to grow custom-designed protective insulation

Compostable packaging

Start-up Spaddles uses a revolutionary new sustainable eco container made from Mushroom ® Packaging that keeps ice cream frozen.


Spaddles ice cream is an artisan eco-friendly product delivered to the home in beautiful tubs decorated with specially commissioned contemporary art.

It is the brainchild of a Suffolk-based start-up company run by restaurateur Richard Sunderland and artist Lizzie Alston.


The ice cream is sourced entirely from British dairy farmers, made daily by hand using the finest ingredients, and locally sourced from micro-producers and growers.

However the biggest challenge in Spaddles’ eco quest was to find an alternative to polystyrene to keep the ice cream frozen for up to 48 hours in transit to customers.

Sustainable solution

Spaddle scientists performed endless research into home compostable and environmentally food-safe products, before the company chose Magical Mushroom Company® to grow custom-designed protective insulation.

Pioneered in the US, using technology licensed exclusively from Ecovative Design LLC, Mushroom® Packaging is made by the binding mycelium and agricultural waste as a feedstock, offering a safe, sustainable and totally home-compostable alternative to polystyrene.

MMC’s Mr Mycelium, designer Ryan Little worked closely with The Spaddles Team, to create bespoke packaging with special troughs created to hold dry ice and keep cold air circulating below -20C.  

The top layer was finished with an equally cool embossed ribboned lid: some of the most beautiful packaging MMC has made yet.

Home compostable

Spaddles offers customers a safe, sustainable and totally home-compostable alternative to polystyrene —  Mushroom® Packaging  makes the Spaddlehive and Spaddlenest the most eco-friendly product of their kind.

The Spaddlehive comes with ice cream tubs, sauces, waffle cones, and a packet of seeds. You can plant the complete box in your garden, it is  designed so you can grow seeds in it, or reuse the box as a picnic icebox or even a bug hive.

The whole box can also be put straight on your garden as compost. This will also act as a natural fertilizer, disappears after 45 days and help insects populate. Myco-tastic.

eco-friendly packaging which keeps the ice cream frozen for
48 hours

We are thrilled to have developed an eco-friendly packaging which keeps the ice cream frozen for 48 hours. Unlike polystyrene and plastics used in similar products which harm the environment - ours enriches it.

Co-founder Richard Sunderland