Ffern becomes the first uk perfume brand to use mycelium packaging 

Ffern in sustainable packaging

Ffern realises its sustainability goals using bespoke mycelium packaging for its Spring 21 fragrance created by Magical Mushroom Company®.

Green packaging

Ffern is a British perfume brand based in Somerset. It blends, barrel-ages and bottles four fragrances a year released at the equinoxes and solstices. Its fragrances are gender-neutral, organic and made from sustainably sourced, natural ingredients.  


Ffern has a strong record of championing sustainability. It is the first perfume brand to have completely plastic-free packaging and even the glass bottle can be recycled. However, Ffern wanted to take this one step further and explore new materials that are leading the way in sustainability.

The company was aware of mycelium packaging but hadn’t realised it had come to the UK. On discovering that Magical Mushroom Company® was developing the material Ffern knew they had to collaborate.


Ffern wanted to create a tray for its packaging that had a dual purpose and could be used for both protecting the perfume bottle and growing seeds (mycelium is the perfect material for seed germination). Mycelium breaks down recycled agricultural waste to form durable thread-like filaments that can be shaped into product packaging.

Using this cutting edge biotechnology, Ffern designed and developed a brick-like structure in collaboration with the team at Magical Mushroom. They then launched the new packaging with their Spring 21 fragrance and included basil seeds with the scent, so that their customers could use the mycelium tray to grow basil (basil is also one of the ingredients in Spring 21).


Ffern customers, many of whom are strong advocates of living more sustainably, were delighted with the new packaging and the fact that it could be re-used as a seed tray (and loved that it was home-compostable too).

The brand received hugely positive comments across social media and in the press. On Instagram you can see the many photos Ffern has been tagged in and the basil shoots happily growing in the mycelium trays.

A brilliant experience from start to finish

"Working with Magical Mushroom Company® to design and develop the Ffern bottle tray was a brilliant experience from start to finish. We are so pleased to be able to champion such an innovative and exciting new material."

Emily Cameron, Ffern Creative Director