British skincare brand Õrn Kuu goes sustainable and local with the magical mushroom company®

Orn Kuu in sustainable packaging

Õrn Kuu is a small batch, circular, British wellness brand that offers restorative natural skincare products. It is vegan and cruelty-free. Combining the best of nature with science, its botanical formulations are focused on carefully selected plant-based ingredients that omit commonly known allergens and sensitisers to support a healthy skin microbiome. 

The Problem

Õrn Kuu designed its core concepts around making the biggest positive impact on the planet with ingredients, product design and production. 

But the company wanted to extend its eco credentials by also using packaging that does not hurt the environment and can be sourced as close to home as possible.  

The Solution

Õrn Kuu found Magical Mushroom Company® after searching for a packaging solution that is sustainable and local. 

Using ingredients directly from nature to benefit the skin, it made sense for Õrn Kuu to also use material directly from nature for packaging. 

Magical Mushroom Company® created a bespoke design for one of its products, Või, a luxury solid body lotion bar containing Nordic forest microbe.  

Grown-to-order boxes were made from a mix of upcycled bio-waste and mycelium, which is the branching root-like structure of mushrooms, in the UK at Magical Mushroom Company®’s Esher plant. 

The Results

The Või body lotion bar is the first of many Õrn Kuu cosmetics to be packaged by Magical Mushroom Company®.  

Mycelium bound the matter together in just days and shaped it into strong protective packaging. The Mushroom ®Packaging is entirely home compostable and breaks down in soil after around 40 days.  

The result of the collaboration between MMC and Õrn Kuu is an entirely eco-friendly, zero-waste, biodegradable packaging model to replace the need for plastic or polystyrene. Õrn Kuu is incredibly excited to be able to have met their sustainability packaging goals from the beginning. 


We are delighted to work with MMC, a company that shares our core values with positive environmental impact at the heart of what it does. Õrn Kuu is hugely focused on sustainability, contributing towards a zero-waste future and giving back to our planet.

The material fits perfectly with Õrn Kuu’s brand values and provides the ideal solution for housing their solid cosmetic product

Alice Hopkins, founder of Õrn Kuu