Why SCRIPS chose mushroom-based packaging made by Magical Mushroom Company®

SCRIPS pick Mushroom® Packaging to rethink industry standards in Poland


The Magical Mushroom Company® production team designed the mushroom-based packaging to fit both the reusable jar and SCRIPS’ high expectations regarding presentation.

SCRIPS are delighted with the flexibility of MMC’s production team and Mushroom® Packaging.

Made from mycelium, the root structure of fungi, the packaging is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based polymers.

At its Attenborough plant, the mycelium is combined with recycled biowaste in bespoke moulds and then transformed into strong, versatile, and aesthetic packaging.

There is no need for chemicals or industrial processing, reducing built-in energy and harmful emissions.


SCRIPS is a well-being concept designed to build awareness of a healthy lifestyle while also leaving little to no footprints on the surface of our planet. Founded in 2022 in Warsaw, Poland, it creates all-natural supplements and formulas for internal and external use taking what's best in both modern science and traditional knowledge. One of its key core values is keeping the production harm-free – including no harm imposed on the environment.


SCRIPS created its own reusable jar to store the supplements, but didn’t want to stop there. There are close to 30,000 companies in the supplements industry in Poland alone with around 5% being the producers. Almost all of them use the same cardboard-like packaging or no external packaging at all. SCRIPS was looking for an external packaging solution that would extend the unique feel of the product itself while also trying to remain environmentally friendly. SCRIPS also wanted a unique solution that wasn’t overused already by the rest of the industry. Enter Mushroom® Packaging.


Mycelium specialists Magical Mushroom Company® and its designers helped create packaging for SCRIPS that not only looks and feels great, it is also sustainable, biodegradable in 40 days and nourishes the environment. When composted, Mushroom® Packaging releases nutrients that enrich the soil. Magical Mushroom Company® are delighted to complete another project in Poland and share the scope and capability of Mushroom® Packaging in Europe once again. And, crucially, help SCRIPS reduce plastic waste and pollution.

“Magical Mushroom Company® were flexible with our needs and open to any ideas we might have which made this whole experience complete.”

"Working with Magical Mushroom Company® offered us a unique packaging solution that makes our product speak for itself, minimizing the effect production might have on the planet. Magical Mushroom Company® were flexible with our needs and open to any ideas we might have which made this whole experience much more complete."

Marcin Kacperczyk, Co-founder