Sustainable urn in Mushroom Packaging

How edenn® brought sustainability into the afterlife with Magical Mushroom Company®

Urn made from mycelium

edenn® is a UK-based start-up, founded by Stefan Uzunov and Grigori Milushev,  that aims to offset death’s carbon footprint by planting 1,000 trees for every life honoured with its natural tree-bearing urn.  

It is partnering up with funeral directors across the UK to provide people with a green alternative to traditional urns and a novel way to honour the departed. 

The Problem

Death leaves behind an immense carbon footprint as millions of trees are cut down and burned to lay our loved ones to rest.  

We need to be planting 11,000 trees every day just in the UK to offset the carbon emissions from cremations alone. The production of traditional urns and coffins creates even more waste and pollution for an industry that already has a negative impact on the environment. 

The Solution

The managerial support of Magical Mushroom Company® helped edenn® develop the tree-bearing urn from an idea into a real product and one that eliminates waste and pollution.  

Mycelium, the root structure of fungi, is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based polymers. The mycelium develops its fibres by digesting organic waste. These fibres can be transformed into strong, versatile, and aesthetic products. 

At its Esher plant, MMC combined mycelium and recycled agrowaste in bespoke moulds to create the urns.  

This eliminates the need for chemicals or industrial processing, reducing built-in energy and harmful emissions. 

The Results

Mycelium specialists Magical Mushroom Company® and its designers helped create an urn that is not only sustainable and biodegradable, but can help grow a tree and nourish the environment.  

Alternately, the urn remains unaffected when stored at home, making it everlasting – with a lifetime warranty too.   

edenn® has launched its urn online and already formed formidable partnerships with funeral directors across the UK to begin its mission of bringing sustainability into the afterlife.  

The creation of the urn shows the scope, capability and multiple applications for mycelium and Mushroom® Packaging by Magical Mushroom Company®.  

The Magical Mushroom Company® believed in our vision and made it possible

We are on a mission to bring sustainability into the afterlife by reforesting our planet and providing people with a green and living legacy.

The Magical Mushroom Company® believed in our vision and made it possible by creating the next-generation sustainable tree urn.

Stefan Uzunov and Grigori Milushev, Edenn Urns