Adidas in mushroom packaging
Adidas designed by Mr Bailey

Black Ink Projects select Mushroom® Packaging to protect adidas trainers

Concept Kicks designer MRBAILEY® led a team of expert researchers to explore how natural engineering systems can influence the latest footwear technology. The result: adidas Originals Ozlucent, progressive sneakers inspired by the lifecycle of the jellyfish.

The Problem

Daniel Bailey also wanted a solution from the natural world when packaging the  limited-edition adidas sneakers and reached out to Black Ink Projects to help. Co-founded by Haden Gaynor and Matt Dixon, the company is focused on sustainability.

Firstly, rather than simply presenting these shoes in a box, the black mid-top trainers were encased in an inflated amniotic sac made of sugarcane and cellulose imitating the hood of a jellyfish.

Both MRBAILEY® and Black Ink wanted to continue with the biomimetic design ethos for the outer packaging and explored multiple sustainable material solutions before turning to Mushroom® Packaging by the Magical Mushroom Company®.

The Solution

A mycelium box was custom-grown specifically around its internal packaging by the Magical Mushroom Company®

The skilled production team in Attenborough made a fully biodegradable product in a matter of days - creating a large box with an extra strong 10in lid to protect the adidas Originals.  The unique packaging is beautifully embossed with MRBAILEY and Adidas logos.

Recycled agricultural waste such as hemp was combined with mycelium, the branching root-like structure of mushrooms. The recycled waste binds with the mycelium to form strong high-tech protective packaging befitting of the high-tech sneakers.

The innovations did not end here.

The bespoke mycelium casing features a hidden NFC chip which directs your phone to a website explaining an in-depth breakdown of the design and its inspirations. Tap your phone to see the future of trainers and tactile packaging.

The Results

The wearer is submerged in the natural world from the moment they accept their delivery.

Combining a biomimetic design ethos with intricate construction technology, MRBAILEY® has encouraged nature and technology to work in collaboration and created a shoe and packaging that both point to the future. 

The biodegradable Mushroom® Packaging protects the trainers and the planet.

Black Ink Projects and MRBAILEY® are delighted with the natural colours, textures and strength of the Mushroom® Packaging which aligns with their biomimetic ethos; MMC continues to help business Reduce Recycle Reuse.


Where is Mushroom® Packaging going next?

like no other material on the marketplace - it provides the recipient with an incredibly  unique, tactile experience.

“Mushroom® Packaging is like no other material on the marketplace - it provides the recipient with an incredibly unique, tactile experience.


‘The amazing team at Magical Mushroom Company®  has helped turn the dream into a reality from the design through to the execution. The sustainability credentials are obvious - however the material does not lose sight of e-com packaging’s primary job. To Protect.’

Daniel Bailey , owner Concept Kicks