Emma Aitchison in Mushroom Packaging

Why eco-responsible jewellery designer Emma Aitchison chooses Magical Mushroom Company®

Emma Aitchison jewellery

Somerset-based Emma Aitchison is the home of responsible and eco-conscious jewellery. Emma works only with recycled metals and runs her studio on principles of circularity. 

Her identifiable designs are bold and sculptural, with inspiration taken from nature, the elements, and a strong will to communicate climate issues through her work. 

The problem

The sustainable jewellery designer has always ensured that its packaging is plastic-free, recycled and recyclable.  She has previously worked with UK-based card companies to create bespoke boxes to keep the jewellery protected. 

However, Emma learnt about inefficiencies of paper and card recycling and so decided to seek an alternative. 

She wanted a material that could house a variety of jewellery items for shipping and for the customer to use at home to store their items. It needed to be in keeping with the aesthetic of the brand and at a reasonable cost to be economically viable.

the solution

Emma discovered the wonders of mycelium packaging and then set about finding a UK-based supplier to work with - and only the Magical Mushroom Company® could provide the solution with the expertise to turn her vision into a reality. 

There are two key ingredients used to create Mushroom Packaging®: mycelium - a network of thread-like fungal roots that play a crucial role in decomposing organic matter in ecosystems - and recycled agricultural waste.

The two are mixed, grown in moulds and the packaging is made in just days.

the results

This sturdy mycelium material kept the jewellery safe during shipping and unlike other so-called ‘compostable packaging’ options, this mycelium box doesn’t require extreme heat or chemicals to break down.

When the box reaches the end of its life the customer can simply break up the box and bury it in soil. It even adds nutrients back into the earth.

I’m always seeking new ways to innovate and deepen our work as a sustainable business

I’m always seeking new ways to innovate and deepen our work as a sustainable business. I had a vision to create a completely bio-based mycelium jewellery box that could be given back to the ground at the end of its life. With the work and support of the Magical Mushroom Company® my ideas were brought to life.

‘The use of a mycelium box in our industry is unique. We are proud to lead in this innovative incorporation and to set the bar for regenerative packaging within the jewellery industry

Founder Emma Aitchison says