ID Geneve in mushroom packaging

ID Genève adds Mushroom® Packaging to its sustainable production process

Watch in mushroom packaging

Swiss-made watch brand ID Genève crafts circular mechanical watches  -the production chain is entirely based on sustainable development and the integration of 100% recycled stainless steel collected and processed in Jura. Straps are vegetal using upcycled material made from 80% of the residue of grapes. 


However, ID Genève wished to go further and redefine watchmaking packaging in 2021, which has a pivotal role in the luxury experience. The challenge was to find the best option between functionality, experience and impact without damaging the environment.  

The Problem

ID Genève wanted to avoid the unnecessary storage of packaging at home - and its creation in the first place. The company had noticed that watch boxes are almost always abandoned.

They lie under the bed, in the cellar, they are kept for a hypothetical resale. The watchmaker asked: How can we help reduce the amount of packaging that ends up unused and in municipal waste?

The Solution

ID Genève decided to offer a travel pouch wrapped in compostable material made by British start-up Magical Mushroom Company® within the shipping box using hemp combined with mycelium. Mycelium breaks down upcycled crop fibres to form durable thread-like filaments that can be shaped into flexible and strong product packaging - a planet-happy alternative to fossil fuel-produced plastics. The C2C: cradle to cradle certified packaging was made by the Magical Mushroom Company® in its environmentally controlled vertical grow system in just a week.

The Results

With time running out to save the planet, ID Genève crafts circular watches carefully packaged in the most sustainable way possible. Together ID Genève and Magical Mushroom Company® disrupt the watch industry by introducing the first watch packaging that is 100% compostable at home, taking around 40 days to break down naturally and add nutrients to the earth

we want to disrupt the luxury watchmaking industry

At ID Genève, we share the values and vision of Magical Mushroom Company®. With this collaboration, we want to disrupt the luxury watchmaking industry and redefine the role of packaging

Nicolas Freudiger, ID Genève co-fondateur