Emma Watson with Renais in Mushroom® Packaging

Renais Chooses biodegradable Mushroom® Packaging for its Unique Gin Experience

Renais by Emma Watson in Mushroom® Packaging

Renais is a super premium gin company co-founded by Alex and Emma Watson. Its roots lay deep within the people, produce and provenance of Burgundy France.

At Renais, our sustainability initiatives encompass who we are. It is vital that our packaging aligns with our brands ambitions which are to elevate the gin-drinking experience, and to inspire those who drink it.

Renais is the only gin brand currently using mycelium in their packaging and the response from consumers towards it has been overwhelmingly positive from the beginning. Because of this we are excited to be partnering with Magical Mushroom Company once again to release the “Heritage Giftset” later this year.

Targeting sustainability

Renais is a certified carbon neutral product, this meant that our packaging needed to reflect this. Our goal was to find a packaging solution that had no adverse impact on the environment and also protected our bottle from the distillery to our customers. It also needed to look amazing as a reflection of our super premium brand.

Why Mushroom® Packaging?

Magical Mushroom Company® grows mushroom packaging that is 100% biodegradable and an eco-friendly solution to the problem of plastic and polystyrene waste.

Unlike polystyrene, mushroom packaging does not leave any harmful residue in our soil or oceans.

Furthermore, the mixture of mycelium and agricultural waste used to grow this packaging ensures that no toxic chemicals are emitted into the environment during production.

A biodegradable solution

Magical Mushroom Company has developed a bespoke, completely biodegradable mycelium packaging solution for Renais' Heritage Giftset.

The packaging not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also does an amazing job of protecting our heavy glass bottles during transit.

It aligns with our brand's sustainability values, which are shared by our customers and Renais is delighted with the results of the mycelium packaging.

Renais is thrilled with the bespoke, biodegradable mycelium packaging developed by Magical Mushroom Company®