Mushroom® Packaging protects the delicate jewellery of Fauvirame, embracing the natural world

Eco-friendly company

Jewellery brand Fauvirame explains why it selected Mushroom® Packaging, made by Magical Mushroom Company®, to deepen its commitment to the planet and customers.

Fauvirame is a Japanese jewellery company inspired by nature and Fauvism, the painting movement of the early 20th century.

The brand has strong green credentials. It uses furoshiki gift wrapping that is reusable and champions a green initiative led by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto to plant more trees.

Environmental challenges

Fauvirame's journey towards sustainability encountered obstacles.

It is industry standard to use packaging like boxes and drawstring bags for jewellery but it offers no functionality beyond their initial use. This one-time-use approach to packaging was environmentally unfriendly and costly. What is the alternative?

The fashion jewellery company searched for a creative and sustainable resolution to align with its vision and values.

high-performance packaging

Magical Mushroom Company® offered Fauvirine a protective and price-competitive solution – Mushroom Packaging® is a strong, yet flexible and unique packaging solution that biodegrades within 45 days.

The Mushroom Packaging® is made from mycelium – a natural glue, the root-like structure of fungi – which binds recycled substrate such as hemp to make malleable packaging in just a few days.

The packaging can reused for many purposes such as plant pots. What would you use it for?

Green logistics

The adoption of innovative light Mushroom Packaging®

has lowered the hurdles for production and importation from Europe to Japan.

Why? An overall weight reduction of packages has significantly reduced CO2 emissions during delivery to customers and shipping.

This strategic switch also reflects Fauvirame’s environmental commitment and enhances its brand identity by connecting with the natural world. Now Fauvirame can really say its products offer ‘a tiny bit of nature at your side’.

A greener future beckons for the Japanese jewellery industry.

“Each piece is a silent pledge to preserve the delicate dance between human artistry and nature's elegance.”

"Embracing the artistic legacy of Fauvism, Fauvirame transcends the traditional boundaries of jewellery presentation. Our commitment to the environment is woven into the very fabric of our packaging, blending cultural heritage with ecological responsibility. Each piece is a silent pledge to preserve the delicate dance between human artistry and nature's elegance.’ – Fauvirame Team.

‘By using high-impact packaging based on completely new textures and developments, rather than jewellery packaging materials that we have already seen before, I think we can show not only the environmental aspect, but also the “playfulness” involved. The first impression we had was, “Wow!”

- Fauvirame Team