Lush in biodegradable packaging

Lush delivers magic of Christmas in gift sets

Lush in Mushroom® Packaging

Lush is an ethical retailer headquartered in Poole, Dorset. It specializes in cruelty-free vegan and vegetarian cosmetics that are handmade for the most beneficial effects. Lush targets zero waste and maximum sustainability as its core values. 

The Problem

How Lush interacts with the environment is key when considering product and packaging solutions. The company wanted a planet-positive packaging solution that kept the Snow Showers Christmas gift set dry and protected but could not find a mycelial solution.

The Solution

Made in collaboration with the Magical Mushroom Company® harnessing technology pioneered by Ecovative Design, this box for the Snow Showers gift set was created using organically grown hemp from non-GM seed combined with mushroom mycelium.

The Results

Magical Mushroom Company® and Lush have created a sustainable and ethically produced box that is completely home compostable while keeping products safe. As well as offering an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene and plastics, the hydrophobic qualities of mycelium repel water to keep products dry.

The dream
came true with the arrival of the Magical Mushroom Company®
in the UK

Since Ecovative Design set up in 2007, we’ve wanted to use mycelium and the dream came true with the arrival of Magical Mushroom Company in the UK. The prototype development was made very straightforward by the CEO and the team considering the challenges with Covid. The companies have worked closely together from the outset of the project, through to the making of bulk batches.

Maria Feast, Lush creative buyer