Selfridges mycelium window display

Selfridges opens a window to a better planet using Mushroom Packaging®

Mushroom® Packaging at Selfridges

Selfridges launched its new window displays: Summer Awakening staged across its London store’s 27 large-scale windows this year.’ Project Earth sustainability commitments. The displays embody the target of Project Earth - Selfridges will use environmentally friendly materials throughout the business from certified, sustainable sources by 2025.

The Problem

Summer Awakening is Selfridges’ most earth-conscious display using repurposed props and eco-friendly furnishing but the department store wanted to create even more circular business practices. The retailer wanted to use sustainable materials to create a pyramid of building blocks that pointed towards its sustainability goals.

The Solution

So Selfridges chose mycelium technology supplied by the Magical Mushroom Company® pioneered by Ecovative. Recycled waste such as hemp is combined with mycelium, which is the branching root-like structure of mushrooms. Mycelium binds the matter together in just days and it can be shaped into strong objects such as the bricks form a golden pyramid, featuring handmade pear by artist James Shaw and a painted mural by Maura Duffy.

The Results

 Following on from its earlier pioneering collaboration with Seedlip and Magical Mushroom Company® to produce beautiful eco-friendly visual merchandising using mycelium earlier in the year, Selfridges again is again first to the table.

the most
display we’ve
ever created

We are proud to say that it is the most earth-conscious display we’ve ever created, in line with our Project Earth commitments. We’re also excited about sharing new works from talented British creatives produced with natural materials

Selfridges Creative Director Hannah Emsli